Medim consulting int’l SA 

MEDIM SA offers services, consulting and reporting in the field of diagnostic medical imaging (radiology in the broadest sense of the term), preferentially through the internet operating system.

MEDIM SA provides analysis, diagnostics and reporting, primary or as a second opinion, of all kinds of medical investigations carried out by means of diagnostic imaging, in particular magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography (CT-scan), conventional radiographs, sonography.

MEDIM SA coordinates the performance of medical imaging related activities in collaboration with professional organizations or companies active in the field.


Second opinion

Doubts or uncertainties about a diagnosis from imaging procedures?
Do you want a second opinion from a qualified professional with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the human body
in the fields of :
● Neurological system (central, peripheral, ORL, spine)
● Musculo-skeletal (upper and lower extremities, axial)
● Circulatory system (cardiovascular)
● Urinary system (kidneys, bladder)
● Endocrine (internal glands)
● Respiratory (chest)
● Digestive System (gastro-intestinal)
● Reproductive system (female / male)
Rates : according the swiss TARMED


Evaluation and expert opinion of the “medical imaging” in the context of an inquiry on a judicial or insurance level.

Rates : according the swiss TARMED

Primary reporting

For clinics and hospitals by means of cloud computing (TeraRecon).
For a limited period of time.

Rates : by agreement

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